Dodo empowers everyone to learn

We learn through experiences - whether it is reading a book, doing something new, having a conversation or watching a video. Dodo collects people’s learning experiences concerning certain topics and shares them in order to understand what paths people take to develop their knowledge and skills. Based on this information Dodo is able to do personal suggestions on everyone’s next step in learning.

How does Dodo work?

A Dodo platform features a great variety of Guilds - communities of practice. Anyone can join and/or start an endless variety of Guilds based on his or her interests and needs. Guild members range from beginners to experts. They are asked for their experiences and their ambitions, they can look for others to learn from and with and they get suggestions on their next step in learning. By collecting and analysing data on experiences, ambitions and the resources people use for these experiences, Dodo determines various learning routes and is able to suggest anyones next step within a guild. In time Dodo will even be able to use this data to chat with people about their development and suggest learning steps.

Who uses Dodo and what for?

Dodo can be of help in an endless variety of situations. For now we focus on the following:

Dodo in society

Since Dodo acknowledges all learning our ultimate goal is to create one open and free Dodo platform for the world. This platform empowers anyone to discover and seize their next learning opportunity independent from the organizations they participate in. This means people all over the world, whether they are practical learners or university professors, can share relevant experiences and content, learn from and with each other and discover what their next step in learning may be.

Business models for this open platform might be:

In order to develop this open platform we will need 2 years and 2 million euros. We will conduct pilots partnering with NGO’s, governments, companies and educational institutions in order to get to know our various users and develop our software and services accordingly. We will earn part of the money by selling subscriptions, offering our services and developing the software with partners (see below). We are however open to talk to investors.

Dodo in business

We see a trend in companies acknowledging that learning is more than following a training or reading a book. Most learning takes place when we work on assignments and reflect on our work with others. Since this type of learning is unstructured and mostly unconscious, the key question for HR departments is how to stimulate and validate this kind of learning? By providing these companies with their own Dodo platforms they gain insights in the way in which their various employees develop their knowledge and skills. Moreover, the learning of their employees is guided based on validated learning paths and connected to the specific learning opportunities that are available within the company.

We offer companies subscriptions for using the current Dodo platform (incl. updates) for €20k per year. Moreover, we conduct pilots with companies, developing and offering our services and software according to their needs, reaching from €50k to €500k.

Dodo in education

We see a trend in educational institutions acknowledging that students need to develop more than the knowledge and skills for which the various programs have been designed. This is reflected in discussions on 21st century skills, soft skills and professional development. Since these skills are transcending designing separate programs is not the solution. Also some teachers and professors feel developing these skills is the responsibility of the students. Letting the students work in transcending guilds using dodo, has been proven to boost their autonomy and learning outcomes on these subjects. Moreover, through Dodo educational institutions get to understand how certain skills are developed, giving them the opportunity to respond to these insights by offering certain workshops or other learning opportunities.

We offer educational institutions subscriptions for using the current Dodo platform (incl. updates). For schools a subscription costs €5k for one year. For universities a subscription costs €10k per year. Moreover, we conduct pilots with educational institutions, developing our services and software according to their needs, reaching from €50k to €500k.

Get in touch with us

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